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EQG (Exchange of Quality Group) is leading online market Place in Jharkhand for any Tutor to Search their tutee and for any tutee to search their Desirable Tutor. It provides also an objective in depth online Practice platform to the students preparing for School level olympiad and board examinations. Our Sceientific approach of assesments bring to light the strengths and weaknesses of a student on the five core subjects Eanglish,Science,Mathematics,Computer Skills and General Knowledge. Our "Online Test Series" is designed to handle most of the school level competitive, Board Exam Preparation, Olympiad & Diagnostic exams. Such as NCO, NSO, IMO,IEO conducted by various leading schools' & institutions' faculty of your city and even across India time to time. You can join the team by Login or Contact us over Phone No. 73493-69650 or Email:info@cohort.org.in by Puting a subject line Enquiry for Joining, if facing any issue in login or to understnd in detail.

Vision : To organise the unorganised educational system by helping each other & by making it free in future by fulfilling the needs of the children in all aspects based on their day to day life.

Mission : Satisfying each and every stockholder of our business model by meeting their expectation and making strong bond on behalf of Exchange of Quality Group.

Value Chain Partner

Supply chain partners must work together to maximize the benefit to End customers and boost their bottom line margin of revenue generation in this competitive era. Supply chain partners are finding innovative ways to make collaborative work for mutual benefit in previously unexplored ways

Exchange of Quality Group Deals on all types of Supply chain consulting for all small scale industries to Large Scale industries, even Small Distributor to retailer and shop keeper level to improve their sales performance by minimizing operating cost.

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Improve Customer Relationships


Innovation through Long-Term Collaboration


Enhance Revenue and Profit

Sanchita Raha

MD, Exchange Of Quality Group

"The highest difference can be acheived and it is the access to data for targeted promotions and discounts that consumer product companies decide to provide to KIRANA stores.

Distributor can look into the inventory and help KIRANA stores prevent STOCKOUTS by proper demand and inventory management."

How It Different From Others?

It is not just a market Place it is more than that. It is an opportunity portal for every customer and student.

About Difference

This is social reform marketplace for self-improvement, other improvement and mutual benefit by fulfilling the requirement of each other in cheapest rate. The company does not focus on revenue in first place rather put in customer value in first place for all type of customer and students in their respective SBU-strategic business unit.

How It Works?

It is a collaboration portal and all the strategic business unit collaborate together to take the organisation into the next stage.

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